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Exclusive "LO" Tee

Exclusive "LO" Tee

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Introducing the "LO" tee!

Ever feel like "hello" just takes too long to say? Like, seriously, who has that kind of time? Lo feels you. That's why the last two letters of "hello" were stolen and turned into the most epic tee you've ever seen. 

This ain't your grandma's floral print. This "LO" tee is pure, unadulterated coolness. Photographed with the kind of artistic expertise that would make paparazzi blush, it's then printed on a comfy Gildan cotton shirt in black and white.

Simple, bold, and guaranteed to confuse your relatives in the best way possible.

Make the family gatherings even more cray!

There's a catch, though (because everything cool has a catch, duh). We have a small number of these "LO" masterpieces, so it's basically like getting your hands on a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory (minus the cayute oompa loompas, dang).

Warning: Wearing this shirt may lead to uncontrollable coolness, unsolicited compliments, and a sudden urge to drop it LO!

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